Other Comedy Festivals

Outside of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Nick Hodder performs at other comedy festivals across the UK, including Dave’s Leicester Comedy Festival, The Brighton Fringe Festival and the Camden Fringe.

Insert Comedy Here - Dave's Leicester Comedy Festival 2012

Venue: The Looking Glass “Many months, if not years of hard work into creating a festival show. Tirelessly writing hours and hours of material, sifting through the mediocrity in order to find the gold. Working late into the night, while their relationships crumble into dust. Is there material there, in the break up of a […]

Insert Comedy Here - Brighton Fringe Festival 2012

Venue: Upstairs At Three and Ten 10 Steine St Brighton BN2 1TE “Most people put many months, if not years of hard work into producing a Brighton Fringe show. Finally they’ll arrive at the Fringe, financially ruined, relationships in tatters, but ultimately with a show that they can be proud of. That sounds really hard. So […]

Insert Comedy Here - Camden Fringe 2012

Venue: The Etectera Theatre, 265 Camden High Street  London, Greater London NW1 7BU, United Kingdom “Comedy’s is probably really easy. Sure, a lot of people loads of hard work into producing a show for the Camden Fringe. They may end up financially ruined, with their relationships crumbled to dust, but ultimately with a show that they […]