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Nick Hodder - Stand Up ComedyInsert Comedy Here – Edinburgh Festival Free Fringe 2014

Insert Comedy Here – Edinburgh Festival Free Fringe 2014

‘I was laughing so hard my face seized up. Actually, painfully, worryingly seized up, and I was blinded with tears’ (

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Having tirelessly researched what stand-up comedy is on Google for a couple of hours, Nick decided that it looked a bit difficult, and ordered a show off the internet instead.

Come to the show, and see how well that plan pans out! It will be brilliant! (That’s what it says on the box).

This is a comedy show about stand-up comedy, including something that could pass for stand-up comedy, which isn’t strictly stand-up comedy.

Venue:  Banshee Labyrinth ​- Cinema Room
Dates: 2-24 August
Duration: 1 hour
Suitability: PG

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Nick Hodder is an Argentine guerrilla leader, military theorist, stand-up comedian, physician, author, domino rally champion and model railway enthusiast. A major figure of the Cuban Revolution, his bespectacled image has become a synonymous with concepts of popular rebellion and unpopular stand-up comedy. In 2011 nick was knocked unconscious by a dry martini and lemonade, hurled by an angry comedy club patron. This resulted in a bout of amnesia, and a lot of confusion in Nick's own mind as to whether or not he was a struggling stand-up comedian, or actually the reincarnation of the long dead Marxist revolutionary Che Guevara. There is no evidence to support this theory. He can't even grow a beard.


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