Little Room Big Comedy – Edinburgh Fringe 2009

With great quality line-ups every night, and a lovely little venue on the Royal Mile, we couldn’t go wrong here. The 2009 Edinburgh Festival Fringe was set to be the best yet.

This was the best little comedy club on the Fringe

…apart from the three nights that it wasn’t.

In fact there were some nights when it was the worst comedy club in the world. I’m thinking of the three night run when I left Paul F. Taylor in charge, whilst I was forced to fly back to London. Paul F. Taylor is my good friend and a frankly hilarious stand-up comedian. He’s the kind of rock solid friend, and talented comedian that you wouldn’t think twice about depending on in a minor crisis.  Perhaps, one where you have to leave your lovely little comedy show in the hands of a trusted friend.

Of course, that was the only time during three weeks of the Fringe that we got a review. We actually got three stars out of five (Not that bad). That said, if you read it out loud it sounds like we booked Bernard Manning to headline and a couple open spots from the KKK.

If Paul did this on purpose, it’s actually an amazing practical joke. The kind of practical joke that ruins careers. The best kind! Thanks Paul.