Edinburgh Festival Fringe Comedy

Nick Hodder has performed on the Edinburgh Festival Fringe every year since 2007.  Some shows were good, some shows were excellent, and other shows were not his fault.

On these pages we share a list of these shows, and provide some explanation as to why they were the way they were, and why you, the reader, shouldn’t blame yourself.

IF not COMedians 2007 - Edinburgh Fringe 2007

“Three dashing young comics giving their distinct and original brand of humour away for free! Arguably they’re not dashing, and one isn’t young. But they are up and coming, and they promise they’re not worthy or earnest.” The line-up included BBC award winning comedy writer Nick Hodder, still claiming this as a title, despite the mediocrity and […]

Krazy Horses - Edinburgh Fringe 2008

“Edinburgh’s Festival Fringe in 2008 brings you some stand-up comedy that’s weird funny and free.” So mad we spelt it with a ‘K’.  Original, odd, and also, at times, funny. What a show, there they go smokin up the sky. The show had absolutely nothing to do with The Osmonds. James Mason was in this. […]

Little Room Big Comedy - Edinburgh Fringe 2009

With great quality line-ups every night, and a lovely little venue on the Royal Mile, we couldn’t go wrong here. The 2009 Edinburgh Festival Fringe was set to be the best yet. This was the best little comedy club on the Fringe …apart from the three nights that it wasn’t. In fact there were some […]

Royal Mile Comedy Club - Edinburgh Fringe 2010

Programmed as part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2010, the Royal Mile Comedy Club was also part of the PBH Free Fringe programme, allowing audience members to experience high quality stand-up comedy free of charge. Compered by Nick Hodder, this ever-changing line-up of vaguely familiar and sometimes fly-by-night stand-up comedians may have seemed like outstanding […]

Dan Hoy's Stag Do - Edinburgh Fringe 2011

My good friend Dan Hoy was forced to choose: Go on a Stag Do, or perform at the Edinburgh Fringe? Dan isn’t very good at decisions, so he combined the two… “It’s Dan Hoy’s Stag Do! (It really is!) Come and join in the fun with Dan and two other stand-up comedians every night. It […]

Warning: May contain jokes - Edinburgh Fringe 2011

“Three of the best up and coming UK comedians, take to the Edinburgh stage with a joke heavy hour of stand-up. If you like jokes, you’ll love this show. Hackney Empire finalist Luke Graves pulls fantastic punch lines from a raft of anecdotal material. Hackney Empire Winner, Paul F Taylor is a legendary joke machine, […]
Nick Hodder Comedy at the 2013 Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Nick Hodder's Objectives & Key Results - Edinburgh Fringe Comedy 2013

Stand-up comedy of sorts.  Join comedian Nick Hodder at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2013, as he attempts to work out why he’s so devastatingly unsuccessful, and tries to remedy the situation by setting some goals for himself, and others.  Will it work?  Almost definitely not.  Will it be funny? That’s one possible side effect.  Will it cost me anything? […]