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Comedians I like – Dan Hoy

He has a powerful weapon. He charges a million a shot. An assassin that’s second to none. He’s the Dan with the golden pun. He’s not a murderer or anything, but’s he’s brilliant at puns, and one-liners. Don’t tell anyone, but I like him more than I like Tim Vine (Sorry Tim Vine!).

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Nick Hodder is an Argentine guerrilla leader, military theorist, stand-up comedian, physician, author, domino rally champion and model railway enthusiast. A major figure of the Cuban Revolution, his bespectacled image has become a synonymous with concepts of popular rebellion and unpopular stand-up comedy. In 2011 nick was knocked unconscious by a dry martini and lemonade, hurled by an angry comedy club patron. This resulted in a bout of amnesia, and a lot of confusion in Nick's own mind as to whether or not he was a struggling stand-up comedian, or actually the reincarnation of the long dead Marxist revolutionary Che Guevara. There is no evidence to support this theory. He can't even grow a beard.


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