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Comedy blog about comedy, but not necessarily funny, although could be funny

Comedians I Like – Bobby Caroll

He’s the man, the man with the Midas touch, A spider’s touch, Such a cold finger beckons you to enter his web of sin, But don’t go in. None of this really describes Bobby Caroll, but you should definitely go to his web’s of sin, and you should definitely go in. Because he’s funny, and […]

Comedians I like – Nick Helm

Nick Helm is an immense comedy juggernaut ploughing a furrow through the mediocrity of  jokes and depressing derivative metaphor’s like the one I’m halfway though. I just can’t explain it here. But it’s genius. Nick Helm Stand-up comedian Nick Helm is a stand-up comedian, and he is also a bit sweaty. London United Kingdom

Comedians I Like – Luke Graves

Once you get past Luke’s boy’ish good looks, you’ll find someone quite good looking, and also quite like a boy. A very funny boy, with loads of jokes and a way of making it seem like your his friend, even if you might not be. I am though (I think I am, I guess I […]

Comedians I like – Dan Hoy

He has a powerful weapon. He charges a million a shot. An assassin that’s second to none. He’s the Dan with the golden pun. He’s not a murderer or anything, but’s he’s brilliant at puns, and one-liners. Don’t tell anyone, but I like him more than I like Tim Vine (Sorry Tim Vine!).

Comedians I like – Paul F. Taylor

The mighty Paul F. Taylor is a boy trapped in a really hairy boy’s body. He spits out nuggets of comedy gold like a very expensive, yet funny Pez dispenser. As well as being my main Edinburgh flatmate / Playstation buddy, he’s also f’ing hilarious. Which may well be what the F. stands for (He’s […]