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Edinburgh Festival Fringe Comedy 2013 - Nick Hodder

"I was laughing so hard my face seized up. Actually, painfully, worryingly seized up, and I was blinded with tears."
Snipe London

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Nick Hodder is a stand-up comedian, who performs throughout the year across the UK.  Nick's combination of one-liners and eccentric stage manner have lead to a small number of victories in stand up comedy competitions, along with a much higher number of tragic first-round exits in all of the major ones. Away from his career in stand-up comedy, Nick is also a comedy writer having written a stage show, produced and directed short comedy films, written sketches for Radio 5, and produced some award winning comedy content for the BBC. This may sound impressive on the front page of a web site, but it hasn't led to a glittering TV career, or you know, any proper work!

In 2005 Nick produced a short film 'Gloves', which has since won a BBC Big Screen Best Comedy Award, and was highly praised by BBC Radio Five film critic, Mark Kermode. Since then, Nick's been sitting by the phone waiting for Hollywood to call. So far, only British Gas have called.

Stand-up comedian
Nick Hodder is a stand-up comedian, professional geek, semi professional wrestler, and amateur liar.
United Kingdom
DOB: 06/24/1977